Fire Breaks Out in Coke Oven Department at Visakha Steel Plant

Sonali Saha
1 Min Read

A fire incident occurred at the Coke Oven Department of Visakha Steel Plant, causing concern and a narrowly missed opportunity for a more severe outcome. The fire erupted during the production of naphthalene oil.

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Emergency response teams swiftly worked to contain the flames, preventing further escalation of the situation. Fortunately, due to their prompt action, the incident did not result in more significant damage or injuries.

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The exact cause of the fire is under investigation, highlighting the importance of safety protocols in industrial settings. The incident serves as a reminder of the constant vigilance needed to ensure the well-being of workers and the smooth operation of vital facilities.

Authorities are evaluating the circumstances surrounding the fire to implement additional safety measures, emphasizing the commitment to preventing such incidents in the future. The quick response of emergency teams underscores the importance of preparedness in handling unforeseen events.

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