Floating Bridge at RK Beach- Know the Ticket Price and many more

Sonali Saha
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[Visakhapatnam]- In a delightful addition to its tourism offerings, Visakhapatnam has introduced its first-ever floating bridge at RK Beach, showcasing the city as yet another gem for travelers. The launch of this innovative structure invites visitors to experience the unique joy of walking on water while enjoying the scenic beauty of the seaside. However, visitors are now required to pay a nominal fee for this extraordinary experience, with charges set at Rs. 100 for adults and Rs. 70.

The unveiling of the floating bridge at RK Beach marks a significant milestone for Visakhapatnam, enhancing its appeal as a sought-after tourist destination. The innovative structure not only provides a captivating visual spectacle but also offers an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to indulge in a leisurely stroll on the water.

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While the experience of walking on a floating bridge promises to be a memorable one, authorities have introduced a nominal fee structure for access. To enjoy the seaside pleasure and the enchanting views from the floating bridge, adults are required to pay Rs. 100, while a fee of Rs. 70 has been set for children.

This decision to levy charges is aimed at sustaining the maintenance and upkeep of the floating bridge, ensuring that visitors continue to enjoy a safe and well-maintained attraction. The nominal fee is expected to contribute to the longevity of this unique addition to RK Beach, allowing both locals and tourists to relish the experience for years to come.

The floating bridge at RK Beach is anticipated to become a popular spot for individuals seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. The picturesque surroundings and the innovative nature of the structure make it an ideal location for families, friends, and solo travelers to unwind while embracing the beauty of Visakhapatnam’s coastline.

Visitors are encouraged to make the most of this distinctive opportunity to walk on water and immerse themselves in the seaside ambiance. As the floating bridge at RK Beach becomes a centerpiece for tourism, it reflects Visakhapatnam’s commitment to offering diverse and memorable experiences to those who explore its shores.

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