Floating Sea Bridge location changed in Vizag

Honey Gupta
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floating sea vizag

In a positive turn of events, the planned 100m Floating Sea Bridge, initially destined for Tenneti Park Beach, has found a new home along the Vizag Beach Road near INS Kursura. This relocation aims to significantly improve accessibility for the public, offering a more convenient and central location.

The decision to shift the sea bridge to Beach Road aligns with the goal of making this innovative structure easily reachable for locals and visitors alike. The proximity to INS Kursura adds a touch of maritime history, enhancing the overall experience for those who come to enjoy the scenic beauty and sea breeze.

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The move is expected to attract more footfall, providing an excellent recreational spot for families, tourists, and fitness enthusiasts. With this strategic change, the authorities aim to promote community engagement and ensure that the Floating Sea Bridge becomes an integral part of Vizag’s coastal charm.

The revised location near INS Kursura on Vizag Beach Road is set to open up new possibilities for the city’s residents, offering a delightful blend of nature, history, and modern architecture. As the project progresses, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this Floating Sea Bridge will bring to the local recreational scene

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