Former Union Secretary Exposes Environmental Violations by Drug Company in Anakapalli

Honey Gupta
2 Min Read

In Visakhapatnam, a former Union secretary has raised concerns about a drug company in the Anakapalli district. He has written a letter to the Union government, specifically the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, outlining alleged legal violations by the company.

The former Union secretary, Mr. Sarma, pointed out that the company has been responsible for pollution in the area and has caused serious accidents that harmed its own workers. He also mentioned that the company tried to release waste into the nearby sea through a pipeline without obtaining the necessary permissions from the ministry and the local pollution control board. When local residents affected by this pollution sought help from authorities and didn’t receive relief, they had to turn to the National Green Tribunal for assistance.

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Sarma further highlighted that there seems to be cooperation between the company’s owners and local officials, allowing them to continue breaking the law and causing suffering to the local villagers. He noted that the company’s pipeline passes through government-owned land, particularly land designated as a forest area. However, the company is proceeding with the pipeline project without obtaining the required permissions, including clearance under the Forest (Conservation) Act. This was revealed in a response from local forest officials to an application.

Sarma expressed his concern that the very people responsible for upholding the law are now violating it, leaving the local community, especially the fishing community, in a difficult situation.

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