Four-Day Academic Break: Students to Enjoy Consecutive Holidays

Honey Gupta
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As the political landscape in Telangana gears up for state assembly polling on November 30, a cascade of holidays is set to engulf the region. Students, educators, and government employees are in for a series of breaks, creating an extended holiday period.

The holiday spree kicked off today, with schools and colleges across Telangana being granted a day off in anticipation of the upcoming elections. This marks the beginning of a sequence of breaks, with educational institutions slated to remain closed on November 27 (Monday) to commemorate Kartika Poornami and Guru Nanak Jayanti.

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Adding to the extended break, November 26 witnessed a holiday for schools and colleges as well. This, coupled with the optional holiday declared on November 27 in Andhra Pradesh, means that many educational institutions will enjoy a three-day hiatus.

Moreover, the fourth Saturday on November 25 has resulted in additional school closures, offering a long weekend for students. With election-related holidays extending the break to November 30, schools and colleges are set to remain closed for two more days. Private and government offices are also expected to follow suit, providing employees with an extended respite.

In a proactive move, the government has declared November 29 as a holiday for institutions and offices where polling centers are set up. This measure is aimed at facilitating the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

Telangana Chief Secretary Shantikumari issued an order on October 16, underscoring that the day of vote counting on December 3 will be observed as a holiday in the respective offices. Additionally, in preparation for the polling day on November 30, the state government has declared it a paid holiday for both government and private employees.

With these strategic holidays in place, the Telangana government aims to ensure a conducive environment for citizens to exercise their democratic right while providing a well-deserved break for students and employees alike. The festive atmosphere is further amplified by the upcoming elections, adding a unique dynamic to the holiday season in the region.

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