Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud in Visakhapatnam: Ravi Gupta’s Comedy Show is Here!

Honey Gupta
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Hey folks in Visakhapatnam, it’s time to get your funny bones tickled! Ravi Gupta, the famous comedian, is bringing his super hilarious stand-up comedy show “Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta” to our city on Saturday, 26 August 2023. Get ready to chuckle, giggle, and forget about all your worries from yesterday!

Ravi Gupta is known for making people laugh with his funny jokes about everyday life. He’ll share funny stories and clever jokes that you can relate to. His way of finding humor in normal stuff is what makes him so popular.

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The show is all about enjoying the moment and not thinking too much about what happened yesterday. “Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta” means “Not Worried About Tomorrow” in English. Ravi Gupta wants everyone to have a good time and forget their problems for a while.

The comedy event will take place at the fancy Hotel Ocean Vista Bay, which is a really nice place with great views. It’s the perfect spot for a night of laughing and having fun. Ravi Gupta’s jokes will match the cozy atmosphere and make everyone laugh a lot.

You can grab your tickets for just ₹499. That’s a good deal for a night of laughs and entertainment. Ravi Gupta’s shows are super popular, so make sure to get your tickets early before they run out.

If you want an evening full of laughter and fun, don’t miss Ravi Gupta’s “Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta” comedy show. It’s going to be a blast, and you’ll forget all your worries for a while. Make sure to book your tickets in book my show. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy a night of laughter with one of India’s funniest comedians!

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