Grand Chariots Under Construction for Annavaram Devasthanam Processions

Honey Gupta
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Annavaram Devasthanam in Ratnagiri is in the final stages of preparing two new chariots for the revered residents Sathyadev and Anantalakshmi Satyavati Devi. The temple, dedicated to Swami and Ammavar, is investing Rs.1.42 crores in crafting these exquisite chariots from quality bastaru teak. The smaller chariot, built at a cost of Rs.34 lakh, is already complete and awaits the silver foil burning ceremony, while the larger chariot, with a budget of Rs.1.08 crores, is actively under construction and is expected to be ready in the next three months.

Details of the Big Chariot:

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  • Cost: Rs.1.08 crores
  • Dimensions: Height – 33.9 feet, Width – 14 feet, Length – 23.5 feet
  • Intricate carvings of creepers, deities, and various designs
  • Skilled sculptors are working on the construction of the pedestal and pillars
  • Previous chariots of Satyadeva include a silver chariot and the vehicle of Ravana Brahma used in the annual Kalyan mahotsavam
  • The silver chariot is in disrepair, prompting the decision to create new ones
  • Chandrasekhar Azad initiated the project, overcoming hesitations regarding silver and gold work
  • Tender for manufacturing was awarded to Kollati Kameswara Rao and Kollati Srinivas of Srimanikyamba Shilpakala Wood Works

Completion of the Small Chariot:

  • Dimensions: Height – 14 feet, Width – 6.3 feet, Length – 7.5 feet
  • Carved pillars and four wheels adorned with beautiful creepers
  • Images of deities and attractive designs to be painted on the chariot
  • Two horses mounted in front
  • Construction cost: Rs.34 lakhs
  • Efforts underway to gather donors for the silver foil burning ceremony

Officials, including EO K. Ramachandra Mohan, are inspecting the completed small chariot, expressing satisfaction with the construction. A trial run will be conducted, and decisions on its official use in the service of Swami will be made by scholars associated with Annavaram Devasthanam.

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