GVMC and ADC Inspect Ongoing Development Projects in Anakapalli Zone

Sonali Saha
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In a proactive move to oversee the progress of ongoing development projects, Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), CM Saikanth Varma IAS, and Assistant Commissioner (ADC) KS Viswanathan IAS conducted a comprehensive inspection in the Anakapalli zone. The officials emphasized the need for swift completion of the works during their visit.

Commissioner CM Saikanth Varma IAS and ADC KS Viswanathan IAS toured various sites within the Anakapalli zone to assess the ongoing development projects firsthand. The inspection aimed to ensure that the projects are progressing according to schedule and to address any potential challenges that may arise during the implementation phase.

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During the visit, the officials engaged with project managers and site engineers, providing valuable instructions and guidance to streamline the construction and development processes. The emphasis on swift completion of the works reflects the administration’s commitment to delivering essential infrastructure and amenities to the residents of the Anakapalli zone.

The inspection encompassed a range of development projects, from infrastructure enhancements to community-centric initiatives. CM Saikanth Varma IAS and ADC KS Viswanathan IAS reiterated the importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining the quality of work to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the projects.

The hands-on approach of the GVMC Commissioner and ADC in inspecting the ongoing projects showcases their dedication to effective governance and transparent administration. The visit to Anakapalli zone serves as a demonstration of the municipal corporation’s commitment to the overall development and well-being of the communities within its jurisdiction.

As the officials continue to monitor and guide the progress of development projects, residents of the Anakapalli zone can anticipate the timely completion of infrastructure initiatives that contribute to the area’s growth and prosperity. The swift execution of these projects aligns with the city’s vision for a well-developed and efficiently managed urban landscape.

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