GVMC Commissioner Takes Action for National Highway Repairs in Vizag

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GVMC Commissioner Takes Action for National Highway Repairs in Vizag

In a proactive move to address the deteriorating condition of the national highway passing through the city, GVMC Commissioner CM Saikanth Varma has directed civic body officials to initiate repair work from PM Palem to Sheela Nagar.

During a comprehensive inspection on Wednesday, Commissioner Varma, accompanied by National Highway Authority of India Director Prabhat Ranjan, assessed various stretches of the national highway. The primary focus was on identifying areas in urgent need of attention.

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Commissioner Varma specifically highlighted the Venkojipalem to Dairy Farm stretch, where the road has developed several repairs. In response, he instructed GVMC Chief Engineer Ravi Krishna Raju to promptly lay a new layer of road in this problematic section. The commissioner emphasized the importance of swift action to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters.

Furthermore, Commissioner Varma urged officials to collaborate with NHAI counterparts in drafting proposals for critical improvements. One of the key proposals involves the construction of a flyover at the Hanumanthawaka junction, a notorious bottleneck causing traffic congestion. The aim is to enhance traffic flow and reduce delays at this crucial intersection.

Additionally, the commissioner directed the preparation of proposals to develop a new layer of road from Sheela Nagar to PM Palem, addressing the broader infrastructure needs along the national highway.

These directives come as part of an overarching strategy to enhance the overall condition and efficiency of the city’s road infrastructure. The collaboration between GVMC and NHAI officials is expected to bring about significant improvements, ensuring a smoother and safer travel experience for residents and commuters alike.

As the repair and development plans take shape, residents can look forward to a more reliable and well-maintained national highway, reflecting the commitment of civic authorities to prioritize the city’s infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens.

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