GVMC Directs Modernization of Swarna Bharati Indoor Stadium Under Smart Cities Mission

Sonali Saha
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In a move to elevate sports infrastructure in Visakhapatnam, Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), CM Saikanth Varma IAS, conducted an inspection of the ongoing development works at Swarna Bharati Indoor Stadium. The stadium, funded under the Smart Cities Mission, is set to undergo modernization to meet international standards, with the Commissioner instructing officials to provide all necessary facilities.

During the inspection, Commissioner CM Saikanth Varma IAS took stock of the progress of the development works at Swarna Bharati Indoor Stadium, emphasizing the importance of modernization to align with international standards. The Smart Cities Mission-funded project aims to enhance the stadium’s infrastructure and facilities, making it a hub for sports and recreational activities.

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The directive from the Commissioner highlights the commitment to providing a world-class indoor stadium that meets the evolving needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts in Visakhapatnam. The emphasis on modernization is expected to elevate the overall sporting experience and encourage increased participation in various indoor sports.

The Swarna Bharati Indoor Stadium, being a part of the Smart Cities Mission, aligns with the city’s vision for sustainable urban development. The infusion of modern amenities and facilities into the stadium is anticipated to attract sporting events, tournaments, and community activities, fostering a vibrant and active atmosphere.

Officials have been instructed to ensure that the modernization efforts cover all essential aspects, creating an environment that meets international standards for indoor sports facilities. The goal is to provide a platform that not only promotes physical fitness but also nurtures talent and facilitates the hosting of high-profile sports events.

As the development works progress, residents and sports enthusiasts in Visakhapatnam can look forward to a revitalized Swarna Bharati Indoor Stadium that caters to the diverse sporting needs of the community. The Commissioner’s hands-on approach in inspecting and directing the modernization process underscores the commitment to providing top-notch facilities that contribute to the overall well-being and recreational development of the city.

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