GVMC Ensure More Safety and Cleanliness at Children’s Play Arena

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

In a proactive move towards ensuring the well-being and safety of the community, Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), CM Saikanth Varma IAS, accompanied by ADC K. S. Viswanathan IAS, conducted an inspection at the Children’s Play Arena near HB Colony, last bus stop, Ward 15, Zone 3.

During the inspection, the Commissioner and his team observed the current state of the play area and emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards of sanitation. To further enhance safety measures, the officials instructed the installation of CCTV cameras in the vicinity, which will be connected to the City Operations Center for improved surveillance.

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The directive aligns with the city’s commitment to #EcoVizag and #ISupportEcoVizag, emphasizing the need for clean and environmentally friendly public spaces. The initiative not only focuses on the well-being of children using the play area but also promotes a sense of security for parents and guardians.

The Children’s Play Arena near HB Colony serves as a vital recreational space for families in the community. By ensuring cleanliness and incorporating surveillance measures, GVMC aims to create an environment that is not only enjoyable for children but also safe and hygienic.

The Commissioner’s hands-on approach to inspecting and improving public spaces demonstrates a commitment to the city’s overall development and the well-being of its residents. As GVMC continues its efforts to enhance the quality of life in Visakhapatnam, initiatives like these contribute to fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility. The installation of CCTV cameras will further aid in creating a secure and monitored environment for families to enjoy recreational activities.

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