GVMC Unveils Canal and Bridge Plaque Development in Madhurawada

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: GVMC Zonal Commissioner Datla Lakshmi displayed great enthusiasm during an official duty in the 5th ward, where she participated in the unveiling of a stone plaque for canal and bridge work. Alongside activists, she chanted slogans in support of “Avanti leadership” and expressed her allegiance with a spirited “Jai Jagan.”

The event, which took place in Maduravada, showcased Commissioner Datla Lakshmi’s dedication to government initiatives and development projects. The stone plaque unveiling marked a significant step in the progress of canal and bridge construction in the area.

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Commissioner Datla Lakshmi, while on duty as a government official, joined forces with activists to express support for “Avanti leadership” and enthusiastically shouted slogans in favor of Chief Minister Jagan. This collaboration between officials and activists highlights a collective commitment to regional development and government initiatives.

The unveiling of the stone plaque symbolizes a tangible milestone in the development of canal and bridge facilities, showcasing the collaborative efforts of government officials and community activists. Commissioner Datla Lakshmi’s proactive involvement reflects a shared vision for progress and prosperity in Madurawada.

As the community echoes the slogans of “Avanti leadership” and “Jai Jagan,” the event becomes a symbol of unity and commitment to realizing the goals of the government’s developmental agenda. The collaboration between officials and activists serves as a testament to the collective spirit driving positive change in the region.

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