Heartbreaking Tragedy Strikes: Worker’s Father Passes Away Just Hours Before Son’s Rescue from Uttarakhand Tunnel

Sonali Saha
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In a tragic turn of events, Baset Murmu, a 65-year-old resident of Bahda village in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district, passed away just hours before his son, Bhuktu, was rescued from the harrowing Uttarakhand tunnel mishap. Baset, father to 26-year-old Bhuktu, had been fervently waiting for his son’s safe return for 16 agonizing days.

The emotionally charged sequence of events unfolded on a heartbreaking note when Bhuktu, among other workers trapped in the tunnel, was finally rescued, offering a glimmer of hope and relief to the waiting families. However, tragically, Baset’s wait concluded in profound sorrow as he breathed his last on Tuesday, the same day his son emerged safely from the tunnel’s confines.

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Reports indicate that Baset’s demise is suspected to be due to a heart attack, a devastating development that came as an additional blow to the family despite the long-awaited good news of Bhuktu’s successful rescue. The unexpected loss of Baset Murmu has cast a pall of sadness over the joyous moment of his son’s return.

The family, along with the entire Bahda village and surrounding areas, were anticipating Bhuktu’s reunion with his father, a moment that was anticipated to be filled with emotions of relief and joy. However, fate dealt a cruel hand as Baset passed away before he could witness the long-awaited homecoming of his beloved son.

The dual nature of this occurrence, where hope and despair collided in a matter of hours, has left the local community in mourning. The situation has highlighted the poignant reality of life’s unpredictable twists, juxtaposing the elation of one’s safety with the heartache of a sudden loss.

Bhuktu, returning from the traumatic ordeal, now faces the bittersweet reality of being reunited with his family under the shadow of a profound personal tragedy. The unfortunate sequence of events has brought immense sorrow to the family and the entire community, underscoring the fragility of life amidst moments of anticipated joy.

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