Helapuri and Zeeshan Restaurants Raided: Stale Food Seized and Immediate action taken!

Honey Gupta
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Helapuri and Zeeshan Restaurants Raided

In a decisive move against unhygienic practices, officials from the regional Vigilance and Enforcement Department, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) G Swaroopa Rani, conducted surprise raids on two popular eateries in the city of vizag on Tuesday. The targeted establishments, Helapuri restaurant at Jagadamba Junction and Zeeshan restaurant in the Madhurawada area, were found to be serving stale food, prompting immediate action.

During the raids, authorities seized cooked food items from the previous day that were allegedly being reheated and served to unsuspecting customers. The confiscated items included a variety of dishes, such as chicken, fish, mutton, and biryani.

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“We received complaints from concerned customers about the quality of food being served at these establishments, leading us to conduct surprise inspections. The two restaurants were indeed found serving stale food by reheating the items,” stated ASP G Swaroopa Rani. She emphasized the seriousness of the situation, revealing that samples from the seized items have been sent to the food safety laboratory for analysis.

“We will register cases based on the report from the laboratory. In addition to the health risks posed by stale food, the management of both restaurants failed to maintain clean and hygienic kitchens. As a consequence, each establishment has been fined Rs. 15,000,” added Swaroopa Rani.

The crackdown comes in the wake of growing concerns over the quality of food served in local eateries. The vigilance and enforcement team have pledged to continue their efforts, with more surprise raids on the horizon. “We have received complaints against several other restaurants, and our team is gearing up for additional inspections,” warned Swaroopa Rani.

Health experts have long cautioned against the consumption of reheated food, citing potential chemical changes that can lead to food poisoning and various health ailments. The recent actions by the Vigilance and Enforcement Department underscore the authorities’ commitment to ensuring public health and safety.

As the investigations unfold, residents are urged to remain vigilant about the establishments they patronize and report any concerns regarding food safety to the relevant authorities. The crackdown serves as a reminder to restaurant owners to adhere to strict hygiene standards to safeguard the well-being of their patrons.

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