High Alert in Vishakhapatnam: Special Party Police Join Regular Patrols Amid Political Rally in Madhurawada

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Because of the high level of tension in the city due to the elections, the police in Vishakhapatnam are taking extra precautions. Unrest is being caused by people becoming agitated over the candidates they wish to vote for. People flocked to a sizable political event in Madhurawada to show support for their preferred politicians. In addition to the ordinary city police who are always on patrol, special police teams from various political parties are also monitoring the area to make sure everything remains secure.

In situations like these, when feelings are running hot, it’s critical that the cops remain watchful. Their goal is to guarantee that everyone can freely and amicably voice their thoughts.They want to keep an eye on things, deploy additional patrols, and keep any conflicts at bay in order to guarantee a smooth electoral process.

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