Historic Collaboration: INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya to Join Forces in Milan-2024 Naval Exercise

Honey Gupta
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INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya to Join Forces in Milan-2024 Naval Exercise

In an unusual move, India’s indigenous aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya, are set to join forces for the first time in a major naval exercise. The multilateral event, Milan-2024, scheduled from February 19 to 27, will witness these formidable carriers navigating the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal off the Visakhapatnam coast.

A total of 51 countries, including newcomers Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Iraq, and Yemen, will participate in the nine-day mega exercise. The event will also host 11 heads of maritime agencies, showcasing a robust global presence. Against the backdrop of emerging security challenges in the Gulf of Aden, marked by recent drone and missile attacks on merchant ships, Milan-2024 gains strategic significance.

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The 12th edition of Milan will see operational units and delegations from the participating countries converging for a collaborative maritime effort. A notable inclusion is the presence of Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Iraq, and Yemen, adding diversity to the already impressive lineup. The sea exercise will involve at least 15 ships and one maritime patrol aircraft from friendly nations, fostering international cooperation.

India, with its commitment to maritime security, will deploy nearly 20 warships, including the pride of the nation, aircraft carriers Vikrant and Vikramaditya. Additionally, approximately 50 aircraft from the Indian Navy will actively participate in the exercise. This collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment of nations to address evolving security dynamics and enhance mutual understanding in the maritime domain.

The joint participation of INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya in Milan-2024 signifies a historic moment, showcasing India’s naval prowess and fostering global cooperation. As the two carriers slice through the Bay of Bengal waters, the world will witness a demonstration of strength, unity, and preparedness against emerging challenges in the ever-evolving maritime landscape.

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