ICC-9 Inaugurated at Gitam, Showcasing Advances in Control and System Theory

Honey Gupta
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The ninth edition of the Indian Control Conference (ICC-9) kicked off with great enthusiasm at Gitam Deemed to be University. The conference, jointly organized by the Control Society and GITAM, aims to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, and industry experts to exchange ideas and discuss the latest advancements in control and system theory.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the gathering of esteemed scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds, all united by a common interest in the field of control and system theory. The event was graced by prominent personalities, including key figures from academia, industry leaders, and representatives of the organizing committees.

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ICC-9 is an annual international conference that focuses on the exploration of cutting-edge developments in control theory, system theory, and related disciplines, along with their practical applications. Each year, the conference is hosted at a different academic institution in India, promoting the dissemination of knowledge across various regions of the country.

The conference will feature a series of keynote addresses, technical sessions, and panel discussions led by experts in the field. Attendees can expect to delve into topics such as control algorithms, automation, robotics, and applications in diverse industries. The interdisciplinary nature of the discussions aims to foster collaboration and innovation among participants.

Dr. [Speaker’s Name], [Speaker’s Designation], expressed excitement about hosting ICC-9 at Gitam Deemed to be University, stating, “This conference serves as a significant platform for scholars and professionals to share their research findings, explore emerging trends, and address the challenges in the dynamic field of control and system theory. We are delighted to host this prestigious event and look forward to fruitful discussions and collaborations.”

The conference aligns with India’s commitment to advancing research and innovation in science and technology. By bringing together experts from academia and industry, ICC-9 aims to bridge the gap between theoretical advancements and practical applications, fostering a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and networking.

As the conference progresses over the coming days, it is anticipated that ICC-9 will contribute significantly to the growth and development of control and system theory, ultimately impacting various industries and sectors. The collaborative spirit of the event reflects the commitment of the scientific community to driving progress and addressing the challenges of the future.

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