IIM Visakhapatnam Unveils Game-Changing 15-Month Incubation Program Empowering Women Entrepreneurs!

Sonali Saha
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IIM Visakhapatnam’s incubation hub, known as IIMV FIELD, is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs with the launch of the Naaripreneur for Her incubation program. This 15-month-long opportunity is open to women entrepreneurs from across India, with the application deadline set for November 26, 2023.

The Naaripreneur for Her program offers a comprehensive package aimed at helping women-led startups thrive. Participants can expect mentorship, networking opportunities, access to markets, and an abundance of learning resources. In addition to these valuable resources, participants will become part of a supportive community of like-minded peers, all while benefiting from both virtual and physical assistance. As an added incentive, the program offers performance-based financial grants of up to Rs 3,00,000 during its final phase.

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This innovative incubation program is divided into several phases to provide a structured and supportive journey for women entrepreneurs. The first phase focuses on the application process, allowing women-led ventures to tap into the wisdom of industry experts. In the second phase, up to 75 ventures will be selected for a month-long virtual ideation boot camp, during which they will receive valuable insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, including idea generation, validation, evaluation, and Lean Canvas.

Moving forward, 50 ventures will advance to the virtual-cum-physical launchpad, where they will receive mentorship in essential areas such as marketing, operations, and financial aspects of business models. The third phase will further enhance the skills of the participants, equipping them with knowledge in fundraising, networking, and the critical areas of performance and people management.

In the final stage, the program will select the top 25 startups for a rigorous 12-month-long incubation phase. Here, participants may receive financial grants based on their performance. The Naaripreneur for Her incubation program at IIM Visakhapatnam’s FIELD will culminate with a demo day, providing the chosen startups with a valuable opportunity to connect with potential investors and further their journey in the business world.

IIMV FIELD’s commitment to supporting and nurturing women entrepreneurs is clear through this well-structured incubation program, offering not only knowledge and resources but also a sense of community and the chance to access critical funding for growth. This initiative promises to be a game-changer for women entrepreneurs, offering them the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in the competitive business landscape. With this program, IIM Visakhapatnam aims to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering women to reach new heights in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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