IMD Forecasts Harsh Summer with Above Normal Temperatures

Lilu Dhruw
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IMD Forecasts Harsh Summer with Above Normal Temperatures

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a forecast predicting a challenging summer ahead. According to the latest bulletin, maximum temperatures are expected to be higher than usual in coastal and Rayalaseema districts of Andhra Pradesh (AP), as well as across the rest of the country from March to May. Additionally, night temperatures are also anticipated to be above normal in most parts of the state during this period.

IMD Delhi has alerted that heat wave conditions are likely to emerge in the latter half of March, with a significant probability of extreme heat affecting regions including AP, Telangana, north interior Karnataka, and southern Maharashtra. The duration of these heat wave conditions is expected to be longer than usual, particularly along the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

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Senior scientist at IMD-Amaravati, S. Karuna Sagar, emphasized that the prevailing El Nino conditions are one of the primary factors contributing to the higher-than-normal temperatures and the likelihood of heatwave conditions. The forecast indicates an increased number of heat wave days in AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Odisha between March and May.

Coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh are particularly vulnerable, with a high probability of experiencing severe heat waves and above-normal temperatures during the peak of summer. Residents are advised to take necessary precautions to stay safe during this period of heightened heat.

In summary, IMD’s forecast underscores the need for preparedness and awareness regarding the anticipated harsh summer conditions, urging individuals and communities to stay informed and take appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of extreme heat.

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