India Coast Guard Celebrates 48th Raising Day with ‘Day at Sea’ Concept

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: In a spectacular display of maritime prowess, India Coast Guard District HQ-6 (AP) marked its 48th Raising Day celebrations by hosting a ‘Day at Sea’ event for civil dignitaries, Centre and State officials, along with their families. The maritime extravaganza unfolded aboard ships off the coast of Vizag, featuring a range of activities from tactical maneuvers to simulated combat operations and Search and Rescue (SAR) demonstrations.

The celebration showcased the capabilities and readiness of the India Coast Guard in safeguarding the coastal waters. Civil dignitaries, government officials, and their families were treated to a firsthand experience of the Coast Guard’s operational excellence during the ‘Day at Sea’ event.

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Various tactical maneuvers were executed, highlighting the precision and strategic agility of the Coast Guard. Air power demonstrations added an exhilarating dimension to the festivities, showcasing the coordination between maritime and aerial assets in safeguarding the nation’s maritime borders.

Simulated combat operations provided a glimpse into the Coast Guard’s preparedness for addressing potential threats, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring the security of coastal regions. Additionally, the Search and Rescue demonstration underscored the Coast Guard’s role in responding to emergencies at sea, further emphasizing their dedication to both security and humanitarian efforts.

As the India Coast Guard commemorates its 48th Raising Day, the ‘Day at Sea’ event not only signifies the organization’s commitment to maritime security but also serves as an opportunity to foster a sense of appreciation and awareness among the public regarding the vital role played by the Coast Guard in safeguarding our waters. The celebration reaffirms the Coast Guard’s dedication to its mission and its crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of India’s maritime interests.

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