Indian Navy’s Super Ship Saves Crew Of UK-Owned Vessel from Missile Attack

Sonali Saha
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Indian Navy’s Super Ship Saves Crew in Brave Rescue! Proud moment for India.

In a brave move, the Indian Navy’s super ship, INS Visakhapatnam, rushed to help a UK-owned boat called Martin Luanda, hit by a missile in the Gulf of Aden by Houthi rebels.

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Late at night on January 26, INS Visakhapatnam got a call for help and quickly sailed to the spot. The troubled ship, Marlin Luanda, had 22 Indian and 1 Bangladeshi friends on board. Using its super cool technology, INS Visakhapatnam saved all 22 Indians and the Bangladeshi buddy, showing how the Indian Navy is always ready to protect ships and keep people safe at sea.

A special team and firefighting gear were sent to help put out the fire on the troubled ship.

INS Visakhapatnam is like the superhero ship of the Indian Navy, and it played a big part in this awesome rescue. Its high-tech abilities helped it quickly deal with the problem and make sure everyone was okay.

This whole event shows how the Indian Navy is ready for anything when it comes to keeping the seas safe. With the Marlin Luanda crew safe and sound, this rescue proves just how good and serious the Indian Navy is at guarding our oceans.

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