Inorbit Mall, South India’s Largest, Unveils Floor Plan and Site Progress in Vizag

Honey Gupta
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Vizag, Jan 17, 2024 – Something big is happening in Visakhapatnam! Inorbit Mall, the largest mall in South India, has shared its plan and how the building is coming along. People are getting excited as the mall promises to be a fantastic place for shopping and fun.

Plan Unveiled: Inorbit Mall has shown everyone the layout of the mall. It’s like a map that tells you where all the shops, fun places, and food spots will be. They want it to be a cool and easy place for everyone to enjoy.

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Shopping Galore: The mall will have lots of shops with cool stuff from famous brands. You can buy clothes, gadgets, home decorations, and more. It’s like a huge store with everything you need.

Lots of Fun: Besides shopping, there will be places to watch movies, play games, and have fun with your family and friends. It’s not just about buying things; it’s about having a great time together.

How’s It Going? The construction is going well, and they’re building the mall just like they planned. They want to make sure it’s safe and good for the environment. They’re working hard to finish it on time.

Good for the Neighborhood: This mall is not just about shopping; it’s also helping the local area. It’s creating jobs for people, and they want to work with local businesses. So, it’s not just good for shoppers but for the whole community.

Exciting Times Ahead: People in Vizag are really looking forward to the mall opening. The plan looks fantastic, and it seems like it will be a happy place for everyone. Inorbit Mall is going to be a big deal, bringing joy and more to Visakhapatnam.

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