Janasena Leader Murthy Demands CBI Investigation into Minister Gudiwada Amar Nath’s Assets

Sonali Saha
1 Min Read

In a recent statement, a Janasena leader named Murthy has raised concerns about the significant increase in the assets of Minister Gudiwada Amar Nath after the last election. According to Murthy, the minister’s assets were reported to be just Rs. 5 crores before the election, but post-election, they have surged to a staggering Rs. 500 crores.

Murthy questions the sudden rise in assets and insists that it is not Jagan who is making these claims but a genuine concern about the transparency of Minister Amar Nath’s financial portfolio. The Janasena leader emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the minister’s assets.

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The demand for a CBI probe is grounded in suspicions surrounding the acquisition of wealth after assuming office, and Murthy urges authorities to scrutinize the matter to ensure accountability and transparency in public service.

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