Kareena Kapoor Playfully Contrasts Acting Backgrounds while Discussing ‘Jaane Jaan’ Co-stars

Sonali Saha
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Kareena Kapoor Playfully Contrasts Acting Backgrounds while Discussing ‘Jaane Jaan’ Co-stars

Actress Kareena Kapoor recently shared playful banter about the diverse acting backgrounds of her co-stars Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma while working on the film ‘Jaane Jaan’. In her remarks, Kareena humorously highlighted the contrast between her own approach to acting and her colleagues’ origins in different spheres of the industry.

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During the discussion, Kareena quipped, “They are from NSD and I’m from the K3G school of acting,” referring to the National School of Drama (NSD) where Jaideep Ahlawat received his training, and humorously alluding to her popular film ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ (K3G) as her learning ground.

The actress continued to express admiration for Jaideep Ahlawat’s work, admitting to feeling a sense of inadequacy after witnessing the intensity of one of his shots. Kareena Kapoor praised Ahlawat’s performance, implying that it made her feel ‘faltu’ (useless) in comparison, showcasing her respect for his acting prowess.

The lighthearted exchange shed light on the diverse backgrounds and varied approaches to acting within the industry, highlighting the unique experiences and skill sets that each actor brings to a project.

Kareena Kapoor’s playful commentary underscores the camaraderie and mutual respect shared among actors despite their differing training and methods. Her acknowledgment of Jaideep Ahlawat’s talent adds to the anticipation surrounding their collaboration in ‘Jaane Jaan’.

The conversation not only reflects the jovial camaraderie among the cast but also opens discussions about the significance of diverse acting styles and backgrounds in contributing to the richness of performances in cinema.

As ‘Jaane Jaan’ garners attention, Kareena Kapoor’s humorous yet appreciative comments about her co-stars’ acting backgrounds add a layer of interest and anticipation for the film’s release.

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