Kyte Enery Magnum Pro 2023

Lilu Dhruw
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Discover the Kyte Energy Magnum Pro electric scooter, a stylish solution to combat rising petrol prices. With a powerful motor, long-range battery, and impressive features like Bluetooth connectivity, this affordable ride is your key to eco-friendly commuting. Learn more about this IP67-certified scooter with a 3-year battery warranty.

Let’s dive into what makes the Kyte Energy Magnum Pro so special:

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FeatureKyte Energy Magnum Pro
Motor and BatteryPowerful IP67 certified motor and battery
Battery Warranty3-year warranty on the battery
Range on a Full ChargeApproximately 160 kilometers
Maximum SpeedUp to 60 kilometers per hour
Notable FeaturesFull digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, start button, navigation assist, anti-theft alarm, trip history
Price (Ex-Showroom)Around Rs 80,999
Price (On-Road)Around Rs 85,986

1. Powerful Motor and Battery: This electric scooter packs a punch with a robust motor and a high-capacity battery. The best part? They’re both IP67 certified, meaning you can confidently ride even in wet conditions. Plus, Kyte Energy backs the battery with a generous 3-year warranty, so you’re covered.

2. Impressive Range: During the launch, Kyte Energy claimed that this scooter could cover an amazing 160 kilometers on a single charge. That’s like traveling from one end of a city to the other without breaking a sweat. And it can reach a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour, ensuring you get to your destination in no time.

3. Cool Features: The Kyte Energy Magnum Pro is all about being modern and convenient. It boasts a fully digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, a nifty start button, and even navigation assistance. Worried about security? It comes with an anti-theft alarm to keep your ride safe. You can also track your trip history – great for keeping tabs on your adventures.

4. Affordable Pricing: Now, here’s the cherry on top. Considering all these fantastic features, Kyte Energy has priced the Magnum Pro very competitively. The ex-showroom price is approximately Rs 80,999, and the on-road price comes in at around Rs 85,986. That’s a steal for a scooter of this caliber!

So, if you’re looking to make a smart and stylish move towards saving on fuel costs and enjoying a comfortable ride, the Kyte Energy Magnum Pro is your go-to choice. It’s not just a scooter; it’s a statement. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to cruise in style while keeping your wallet happy.

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