Lok Sabha Intruder States, “Hang My Son if Guilty for Society” Following Parliament Chaos

Sonali Saha
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Lok Sabha Intruder States, “Hang My Son if Guilty for Society” Following Parliament Chaos

In the aftermath of the unprecedented intrusion into the Lok Sabha by two individuals, identified as Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma, on the solemn 22nd anniversary of the Parliament attack, a startling statement has emerged from the father of one of the intruders.

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Devraj, the father of Manoranjan, the accused involved in the chaotic breach, has made a striking declaration amidst the unfolding events. He stated, “Let him be hanged if he has done something wrong for the society,” echoing a sentiment of stern consequence should his son be found guilty of wrongdoing.

The intrusion, marked by the breach into the sanctity of the Lok Sabha premises by Manoranjan and Sharma, involved the alleged use of smoke canisters. The incident not only caused alarm but also induced a state of chaos within the hallowed halls of the Parliament, stirring concerns about security breaches on a significant historical occasion.

While investigations into the motive and background of the intruders are ongoing, the father’s statement has added a layer of gravity to the situation. Devraj’s resolute stance on accountability for societal transgressions, even if it implicates his own son, underscores the severity of the incident and the importance of upholding the law.

The breach into one of the most sacrosanct institutions of the country on such a solemn occasion has prompted a thorough inquiry into the security protocols and measures in place. Authorities are intensifying efforts to comprehensively analyze the circumstances leading to the breach and fortify security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The gravity of the intrusion and the subsequent investigation have ignited discussions on the significance of robust security measures and the need for stringent vigilance, especially within sensitive government premises.

As the investigations continue to unfold and the quest for truth intensifies, the resolute statement by Manoranjan’s father serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accountability and adherence to societal norms, regardless of familial ties or personal affiliations.

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