Lt. Lakshmi Bhadana Inspires Students at GITAM University with Insightful Lecture on Navy Career

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: Lieutenant Lakshmi Bhadana, serving with the Commissioned Naval Academy India (East), returned to her alma mater, GITAM University in Visakhapatnam, to deliver an engaging lecture on the prospects of a career in the Indian Navy. The informative session aimed to inspire students and shed light on the opportunities available in the esteemed naval forces.

Lieutenant Lakshmi Bhadana’s visit to GITAM University was marked by a passionate discourse on the diverse facets of a naval career. Addressing the students, she shared valuable insights into the unique experiences and opportunities that the Indian Navy offers to aspiring individuals.

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The lecture, titled “Navy as a Career,” became a platform for Lt. Lakshmi Bhadana to not only share her personal journey but also to highlight the significance of serving in the Navy. The session covered various aspects, including the challenges, rewards, and the profound sense of duty associated with a naval career.

GITAM University expressed gratitude for Lt. Lakshmi Bhadana’s visit, emphasizing the importance of such interactions in broadening students’ horizons and encouraging them to consider diverse career paths, particularly in the defense forces.

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