Mahesh Babu calls Ranbir Kapoor ‘India’s best actor’, leaving Ranbir with a big smile

Sonali Saha
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At a special event for promoting a movie called “Animal” in Hyderabad, Mahesh Babu and Ranbir Kapoor were big fans of each other. Mahesh, a guest at the event, praised Ranbir a lot, calling him the best actor in India. Ranbir, feeling happy and emotional, smiled a lot after hearing Mahesh’s kind words.

When it was Ranbir’s turn to speak, he remembered how Mahesh Babu was the first superstar he ever met and how Mahesh replied to his message when he messaged him after watching one of his movies. Ranbir thanked Mahesh for his support and chanted his name, showing his respect.

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Fans loved this moment between the two actors and shared their excitement on social media. Ranbir also showed respect to filmmaker SS Rajamouli and called him his favorite director. Rajamouli, too, praised Ranbir as his favorite actor and playfully challenged him to choose between working with him and another director. Ranbir chose the other director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who is directing the movie “Animal.”

Ranbir explained why the movie was named “Animal.” He said the character he plays in the film behaves instinctively, like an animal protecting its family, without thinking much. He mentioned that the movie’s trailer got a great response from fans and shared a bit about his character’s traits in the movie.

“Animal” is set to release on December 1 in five different languages and is about a character who is fiercely protective because of his troubled upbringing and deep love for his father.

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