Mahindra Thar’s 5-Door Variant Redefines Adventure Luxury: Off-Road Royalty

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Discover the future of off-roading luxury with Mahindra Thar’s highly anticipated 5-Door variant. Unveiling a design evolution, enhanced cabin comfort, and a feature-packed interior, this SUV promises a thrilling driving experience. Explore its safety features, powerful performance, and anticipated launch details, setting the stage for a remarkable addition to the Indian off-road scene. Stay tuned for updates on the Mahindra Thar 5-Door, poised to redefine adventure on the road.

Certainly! Here’s a tabular representation of the key information about the amazing 5-door THAR.

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Bookings (November 2023)76,000 units
Monthly Bookings TrendOver 10,000 bookings per month
Waiting Period70 weeks
Exterior Design Highlights– New projector headlight unit – Redesigned front grille – Increased wheelbase for more cabin space – Pillar-mounted rear door headlamp – New alloy wheels – LED tail lights
Cabin Features– More comfortable seats – Front armrests – Consistent dashboard layout – Expected additional facilities
Highlighted Features– Semi-digital instrument cluster – Large touchscreen infotainment system – Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto – Sunroof – Ambient lighting – Wireless mobile charging – Cruise control – USB Type-C charging port – Automatic AC control – Climate control – Steering wheel-mounted controls
Safety Features– Six airbags – Electronic stability control – Tire pressure monitoring system – Hill hold assist – Hill descent control – Traction control – ABS with EBD – Rear camera with parking sensors – Anticipated 360-degree camera
Off-Roading Capabilities– 4WD High and 4WD Low – Rear-wheel-drive technology
Expected Price (India)Around Rs 15 lakh
Launch DateAnticipated next year
RivalsMaruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door, upcoming Force Gurkha 5-Door
Engine Options (Current Thar)– 2.0L Turbo-Petrol: 152 PS, 320 Nm, 6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic – 2.2L Diesel: 130 PS, 300 Nm, 6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic – 1.5L Diesel (RWD): 118 PS, 300 Nm, 6-speed Manual


Mahindra, the trailblazer in off-roading SUVs, is creating waves in the Indian market with the testing of its highly anticipated Mahindra Thar 5-Door variant. As the current Thar continues to reign as the most sought-after off-roading SUV and a lifestyle statement, the introduction of the 5-Door model promises to elevate the Thar experience. In November 2023 alone, Mahindra Thar garnered a staggering 76,000 bookings, emphasizing its unwavering popularity.

Design Transformation:

The spy images of the Mahindra Thar 5-Door reveal a host of design enhancements. Notably, a new projector headlight unit, redesigned grille, and updated fog lights grace the front, setting it apart from its predecessor. The side profile showcases an increased wheelbase, translating to more cabin space. The rear features a pillar-mounted headlamp, climbing stairs on the side, and striking new alloy wheels. The LED taillights add a touch of sophistication to the overall design, ensuring the Thar’s road presence remains unmatched.

Cabin Comfort and Space:

Beyond exterior changes, the Mahindra Thar 5-Door promises a revamped interior. With increased dimensions, the cabin now boasts more comfortable seats and front armrests for an enhanced driving experience. While the dashboard layout remains consistent with the current version, numerous additional features are expected to elevate the cabin’s overall appeal.

Feature-rich Offering:

The Mahindra Thar 5-Door is set to impress with a feature-packed interior. Highlights include a semi-digital instrument cluster, a large touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto connectivity, a height-adjustable driver seat, an electronic voice assistant, sunroof, ambient lighting, wireless mobile charging, cruise control, USB Type-C charging port for rear passengers, automatic AC control, climate control, and steering wheel-mounted controls. The audio system is expected to deliver an unparalleled music experience.

Safety at its Core:

Safety is paramount in the Mahindra Thar 5-Door, featuring six airbags, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring system, hill hold assist, hill descent control, traction control, ABS with EBD, and a rear camera with parking sensors. Anticipated additions include a 360-degree camera for enhanced safety during off-road adventures.

Powerful Performance:

The 5-Door Thar is geared for exceptional off-roading capabilities, offering 4WD High and 4WD Low in addition to rear-wheel-drive technology. With a robust engine lineup, it aims to provide the power needed for thrilling off-road experiences.

Anticipated Price and Launch Date:

Mahindra Thar 5-Door is expected to be priced around Rs 15 lakh in India, offering enthusiasts an extended range of options. The official launch is slated for the upcoming year, promising an exciting addition to the Indian off-roading scene.

Rivals and Conclusion:

In a head-to-head competition, the Mahindra Thar 5-Door will face off against rivals like the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door and the upcoming Force Gurkha 5-Door. With its remarkable design, feature-rich interior, and robust performance, the Mahindra Thar 5-Door is poised to redefine the off-roading experience in India. Stay tuned for more updates on this trailblazing SUV!

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