Minister RK Roja Plays Kabaddi in “Audham Andhra” Sports Event

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

Visakhapatnam: In a spirited display of enthusiasm, Minister RK Roja actively participated in a Kabaddi match alongside sports enthusiasts as part of the “Audham… Andhra” sports competition held in Visakhapatnam. The event, aimed at promoting sports and active participation, saw Minister Roja engaging in a friendly Kabaddi match, highlighting the significance of sports in fostering a healthy and active lifestyle.

Minister RK Roja’s involvement in the Kabaddi match resonated with the spirit of the “Audham… Andhra” sports competition, emphasizing the importance of promoting sports at all levels. The event witnessed the minister joining hands with sportsmen, showcasing not only her interest in sports but also her commitment to encouraging physical activities among the community.

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The Kabaddi match became a focal point of the sports competition, drawing attention from participants and spectators alike. Minister Roja’s active involvement generated positive energy and reflected the government’s commitment to promoting sports as an integral part of the state’s cultural and recreational activities.

As “Audham… Andhra” continues its sports competition, Minister RK Roja’s Kabaddi match stands out as a memorable moment, symbolizing the blend of sportsmanship and governmental support for athletic initiatives. The event not only encourages sports participation but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, further emphasizing the holistic benefits of engaging in physical activities.

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