Minister Roja Unveils World-Class Tourism Buildings in Rushikonda

Sonali Saha
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In a significant development, Minister Roja inaugurated state-of-the-art tourism buildings in Visakha’s Rushikonda. The newly unveiled structures promise to elevate the tourism experience in the area, offering world-class facilities to visitors.

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During the inauguration, Minister Roja made noteworthy comments, revealing that a three-member committee has proposed the idea of relocating the Chief Minister’s camp office to Rushikonda. The committee believes that this move would be beneficial, and Minister Roja expressed anticipation for Chief Minister Jagan’s decision on the matter.

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The suggestion to consider Rushikonda as a potential location for the CM’s camp office adds an interesting dimension to the development. It reflects a strategic vision to utilize the scenic and well-facilitated surroundings of Rushikonda for administrative purposes.

As the news circulates, residents are keenly awaiting Chief Minister Jagan’s decision, which will likely have implications for the future development and administrative landscape of Visakha. The inauguration of the tourism buildings already marks a positive stride in enhancing the region’s allure, and the potential shift of the CM’s camp office could further contribute to the area’s growth and prominence.

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