Mobile Scanner Unveils Drug Smuggling: CBIC at Vizag Port Takes Charge.

Jahnavi Konatham
1 Min Read

Engaging in a concentrated effort to bring containers under their control, Customs officers flagged a break in their surveillance with increased technical scrutiny. Suspicions arose around containers amidst new technological verifications:

• Containers arrived at the port on Tuesday morning, taken under CBIC surveillance. • Efforts to bring all containers under their jurisdiction. • Break in surveillance due to customs’ advice.

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With new technical capabilities, surveillance highlighted:

• Discovery of drugs in one container, along with the collection of several samples. • Authorities at the port were informed. • Port officials’ insistence on terminal control heightened.

Witnesses report a significant drug haul in Visakhapatnam. Over the past three days, the Central Inspection Agency (CBIC) joined Vizag Port’s efforts. They took over the container terminal’s control and conducted verifications of all containers. Customs officials, aware of the situation, emphasized the importance of avoiding such incidents. According to regulations, all containers undergo scanning, followed by compliance with customs regulations before their final release. CBIC initiated verification processes upon the completion of customs regulations.”

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