Mysterious Death of Bengal Girl In Vizag Hostel Solved- Police Says it’s a Suicide (25/09/2023)

Sonali Saha
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Confirming the tragic incident of July 14, 2023, Visakhapatnam City Police Commissioner CM Thrivikrama Varma IPS has stated that Riti Saha Bengal Girl, a young woman hailing from Bengal, took her own life by jumping from her hostel’s terrace.

The Commissioner disclosed that the CCTV footage from the hostel’s four cameras was scrutinized, revealing that around 10:30 that day, Riti had accessed the terrace and subsequently leaped off it.

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This clarification from the police comes in response to earlier allegations by the 17-year-old’s parents, who had doubted the nature of her death and accused the hostel authorities of potential foul play.

Riti, who had recently completed her 10th board exams, had relocated to Visakhapatnam with aspirations of preparing for the medical entrance exam.

The hostel management informed her parents on July 15th about the unfortunate incident, prompting her father, Sukbed Saha, and mother to hasten to the city. Tragically, Riti succumbed to internal brain injuries on July 17th, marking the end of a promising young life.

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