New Jersey Man Arrested for Killing and Beheading Mother, Found Naked on Scene

Sonali Saha
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New Jersey Man Arrested for Killing and Beheading Mother, Found Naked on Scene

In a gruesome and harrowing incident, authorities in New Jersey responded to a chilling emergency call made by Jeffrey Surgent on Friday afternoon, leading them to a shocking discovery. Surgent admitted to the police that he had killed his 74-year-old mother, prompting a swift and urgent response to the Ocean City residence.

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Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement officials were met with a disturbing sight. Inside the home, they found Surgent in a state of undress, lying atop his mother’s headless body. The horrifying scene unfolded as officers entered the premises following Surgent’s alarming call.

The motive behind this horrifying act remains unclear as investigators delve into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Jeffrey Surgent, now in custody, awaits legal proceedings as authorities piece together the events that led to the unimaginable crime.

Neighbors expressed shock and disbelief at the distressing news, describing the family as seemingly ordinary and quiet. This shocking event has rattled the community and left many grappling with the incomprehensible nature of the crime.

The Ocean City Police Department, alongside relevant authorities, continues its thorough investigation into this chilling case, seeking answers and understanding in the wake of this devastating tragedy.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on the complexities of mental health and familial relationships, prompting discussions about support systems and mental wellness.

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