New Police officers of Vizag are appointed by IPS officer

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam, a coastal city known for its vibrancy, is undergoing a positive transformation in its police leadership with the recent reshuffling of IPS officers across the state. The new appointments bring seasoned officers to crucial positions, promising to enhance the safety and security of the city.

Vishal Gunni steps into the role of the new DIG of Visakha Range, armed with a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight. His commitment to maintaining law and order, along with a focus on citizen safety, is expected to positively impact the overall security landscape of the region.

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Fakirappa joins the team as the Joint Commissioner of Police, bringing with him a proven track record in handling diverse policing challenges. His experience is poised to contribute significantly to the collaborative efforts of the Visakhapatnam Police Force, ensuring a more resilient response to various situations.

Moka Satyanarayana assumes the responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner of Police 2 (DCP2), adding his unique skill set to local law enforcement efforts. His appointment is anticipated to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in the city, addressing the evolving needs of the community.

These key appointments signify a crucial step in fortifying the leadership of the Visakhapatnam Police Force, indicating a robust and well-coordinated approach towards maintaining public safety. The new police bosses bring a dedicated commitment to upholding justice and addressing the dynamic needs of the community.

As the officers settle into their roles, residents of Visakhapatnam can anticipate a heightened sense of security and a proactive approach to policing. The IPS officers are expected to work closely with the community, fostering trust and collaboration for the betterment of the city. This reshuffling marks a positive turn for Visakhapatnam, ensuring that its police force remains adaptive and responsive to the evolving needs of its residents.

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