NIA makes third arrest in Vizag spy case

Sonali Saha
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On Monday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught another person in the Vizag spy case. This case started in January 2019 when officials learned about a plan to leak Indian Navy secrets to Pakistan. They arrested three people so far, but two are still hiding. The latest arrest happened in Mumbai when NIA took Amaan Salim Shaikh into custody after searching two places.

This investigation began when Andhra Pradesh’s Counter Intelligence Cell found out about the secret plan. They charged the accused with serious crimes related to plotting against the country and leaking confidential information. The NIA took over the case in June 2023 and charged two people from Pakistan and India for sharing defense secrets. One person from Pakistan is still on the run.

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Later in November, the NIA charged two more people in the case. They arrested one, but a person from Pakistan is still missing. NIA will question Amaan Salik Shaik to find out more about the spy case. They are also trying to find the two missing people from Pakistan.

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