Not Vizag but Hyderabad will be the Joint Capital for Andhra- Telangana?

Sonali Saha
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YV Subbareddy’s Remark Sparks Discussion on Hyderabad’s Role as Joint Capital

In a surprising revelation, YV Subbareddy has stirred conversations by suggesting that, according to the Partition Act, Hyderabad should continue as the joint capital of Andhra and Telangana for an extended period. The rationale behind this proposal, as per Subbareddy, is to address legal complications that reportedly impede the selection of Visakhapatnam as the joint capital.

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The Partition Act, which governs the bifurcation of states, is cited as the basis for Subbareddy’s proposition, hinting at a potential continuation of Hyderabad’s status as a shared capital between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The comments have sparked interest and raised questions about the legal intricacies surrounding the choice of a joint capital.

Visakhapatnam, often considered a viable option for the joint capital, has encountered purported legal obstacles, making the continuation of Hyderabad as the joint capital a topic of discussion. Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy is anticipated to make an official announcement regarding this matter in the near future, according to Subbareddy.

As discussions unfold, citizens await Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s announcement, which is expected to shed light on the government’s stance and decisions regarding the joint capital. The revelation by YV Subbareddy adds a layer of anticipation to the ongoing discourse surrounding administrative arrangements and the future of Hyderabad’s role as a shared capital between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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