Dr. NR Jeevan Babu, a retired French lecturer, will be unveiling his book in Vizag.

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On Sunday, October 8th, Dr. NR Jeevan Babu is going to introduce a new book he wrote called ‘Sorry, Sir!’ at Bean Board Visalakshi Nagar in Vizag. This book is all about the funny and interesting things that happened in a women’s college classroom where a male teacher taught. It’s filled with moments that make you smile and moments that make you think.

In ‘Sorry, Sir!’, you get to see what it’s like when a teacher meets lots of different students and colleagues. It’s like an adventure into the world of teachers and students. The book’s title makes you wonder, and the stories inside will keep you interested.

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Dr. NR Jeevan Babu used to be a French teacher for a very long time, 32 years to be exact! He got the idea for this book from a famous book called “To Sir, With Love.” Many students wanted to know about his experiences, so he decided to write them down. In his message, Dr. Jeevan Babu tells us to be curious, to keep learning on our own, and to believe we can do amazing things. He also says it’s important to respect and learn from people who are different from us.

At the book launch event, there will be some important people. Sandhya Godey, who started the Lit Lantern Society, will be the special guest. Reshma Jain, who created Eureka Pearls of Inspiration, will be the host. They will be joined by T Sreenivasa Ramanujan, who used to be the principal of a college, and Prof V Balamohandas, who used to be in charge of a big university. Satish Grandhi, the CEO of Swiss Chem, will be the first person to get a copy of the book.

So, it’s going to be a special day when Dr. NR Jeevan Babu’s book ‘Sorry, Sir!’ is launched, and everyone is excited to read it!

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