On its 90th anniversary, Visakhapatnam Port Authority unveils plans for a Maritime Heritage Complex

Honey Gupta
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On its 90th anniversary, the Visakhapatnam Port Authority has revealed its big plans for the future. The Chairman, Dr. M Angamuthu, talked about some important changes coming up.

Currently, the port can handle 135 million tons of cargo every year. They want to make things even better by improving their systems to move goods efficiently.

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One exciting part of their celebration is the Maritime Heritage Complex (MHC). It will be like a museum with old items, pictures, and things from the port’s history. This place will teach people about the area’s maritime past.

The MHC will also have an area where you can watch the port’s activities. There will be a path from the cruise terminal to a temple on Ross Hill. From there, you can see the ships and how the port works.

To make sure their employees are well-trained, the port will work with the Skill Development Council. They want to make sure their workers know the latest things in the industry. This shows how much they care about their employees.

Dr. Angamuthu talked about how they want to hear from the people who are interested in the port. They have made plans for the future called Maritime India Vision 2030 and Vision 2047. They will talk to the people who are interested in the port and get their ideas. This way, they can make sure the plans are good and will make the port even better.

With these plans, like the Maritime Heritage Complex, the Visakhapatnam Port Authority is not just celebrating its long history, but also making sure it has a great future ahead.

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