One More Social Media Abuse Case Results in Arrest of 32-Year-Old in Vizag

Honey Gupta
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In a shocking revelation, the Visakhapatnam Cyber Crime Unit has arrested Gedala Vijay Babu (32), a resident of MVP Colony, for engaging in online abuse and blackmail. The arrest follows an earlier case where another individual was apprehended for similar offenses, highlighting the growing concern of cybercrimes targeting individuals, particularly women.

According to reports, Babu had been preying on females in their mid-twenties on the popular social media platform Instagram. His modus operandi involved morphing the photos of his victims and subsequently blackmailing them for financial gain.

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The accused allegedly exploited his friendship with one particular female, manipulating her and covertly recording videos and photos without her knowledge. It is reported that he used these compromising materials to coerce the victim into complying with his demands. Threatening to expose the content on various social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, Babu subjected the victim to severe emotional distress.

Unable to endure the threats and online abuse any longer, the distressed lady filed a complaint with the Visakhapatnam Cyber Crime Police Officials. The Cyber Crime Inspector promptly registered the case and, with the cooperation of the victim, gathered crucial evidence, including the incriminating videos.

Following the successful collection of evidence, the Cyber Crime Unit arrested Gedala Vijay Babu in connection with the online abuse case. Authorities are urging citizens, particularly women, to exercise caution on social media platforms. They emphasize the importance of not befriending strangers and advise users to keep their profiles private and secure.

This recent incident underscores the need for increased awareness regarding online safety and responsible social media usage. The Cyber Crime Unit continues to work diligently to combat such offenses and protect individuals from falling victim to cyber threats. Authorities are encouraging anyone who may have experienced similar incidents to come forward and report such crimes promptly.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the arrest of Gedala Vijay Babu serves as a stern warning to those who engage in online harassment and exploitation, emphasizing the commitment of law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of citizens in the digital realm.

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