Pawan Kalyan makes allegations on the Rushikonda issue in Vizag

Sonali Saha
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Pawan Kalyan is a well-known actor in the southern industry and now he has become a politician being a member of the Jana Sena committee so southern people seriously take his reactions. Recently he visited Vizag on 11th August 2023 on his Varaha Yatra because of the election ahead, fans got crazy by seeing him, while during Varahi Yatra many people were around him.

When he reached Rushikonda, near CM Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s office construction, he made allegations about the ruling party for all the consequences happening in the city and other places of the state.

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He further frustratedly said, “Sadly, the chief minister, who was entrusted with protecting the law, is violating,”. He also spoke about the three ideas which the government promised to execute but they didn’t execute a single one properly.

As per the rules made by CM, only a few Vehicles can be allowed to the Rushikonda, at the place of construction. So, Vishakapatnam police were not allowing Pawan Kalyan to enter the place, and hence to avoid traffic jams only seven vehicles were allowed inside including Pawan Kalyan’s vehicle. Although he was not allowed at the exact place of CM’s office constructions.

Pawan Kalyan Got out of his vehicle several times to click photos with his fans. Visakhapatnam police were everywhere from Novotel to Rushikonda to avoid traffic and any other issues to the public. He has such a good heart, and that’s why loved by many people.

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