Petrol Vehicle Fire Near M.V.V Park in Vishakhapatnam’s Duvvada: Security Responds, Minor Injury Reported

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source: twitter

A terrifying occurrence occurred in Vishakhapatnam near M.V.V Park in Duvvada when a petrol bike unexpectedly caught fire. The security personnel acted swiftly, racing to the spot to put out the fire and stop it from getting worse. Their quick action was essential to maintaining control over the situation and guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

Fortunately, nobody was gravely harmed by the fire, even with its extreme ferocity. A little and rather mild burn was sustained by one individual on their hand, nevertheless. As soon as possible, emergency services were contacted, and the burn victim received quick medical assistance.

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The accident demonstrated the importance of taking safety precautions, especially when handling flammable materials like gasoline. The necessity of having knowledgeable security professionals on available at all times to handle emergencies was also underlined.

As soon as the fires were out and the situation was under control, everyone was relieved. Many expressed thanks that there had been no severe injuries sustained by anyone involved in the incident and that the situation had not gotten worse.

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