Police Crackdown on Fake Officers in Visakhapatnam:

Jahnavi Konatham
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  • In Visakhapatnam, there’s been fake police officers have been causing trouble. Police Crackdown on Fake Officers in Visakhapatnam. Hanumant Ram, a resident of Adavivaram, has been residing in the RR Towers with his two wives.
  • Recently, he has been seen with another woman, indicating a new relationship. This has sparked hope among the youth, as they believe that by associating with influential people like him, they can secure high-ranking positions in the police force.
  • Many unemployed individuals have been swayed by their promises and have given them money. The fraudulent activities of these individuals came to light when the victims filed complaints with the Visakhapatnam police.
  • Following the complaints, the police took action and discovered that similar incidents were under investigation in Hyderabad. Acting on the recommendations of the Police Commissioner, task forces were sent to Hyderabad.
  • Hanumant Ram and his companion were brought in for questioning by the task force on Thursday evening. Later, they were taken to the task force headquarters for further interrogation. Subsequently, they were presented before the city’s Police Commissioner for further investigation. Further details indicate that they are being questioned about their connections to the fake job racket.
  • This incident has raised concerns among the public about the prevalence of such fraudulent activities and the need for stricter measures to prevent them in the future
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