Jahnavi Konatham
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In a bid to curb illegal activities like gambling, alcohol, drugs, and marijuana trade, the City and Civil police forces have joined hands to conduct thorough checks across all electoral constituencies. The directives issued by the Chief Minister to monitor and crack down on unlawful cash flow are being diligently implemented by both teams.

Under the supervision of the Chief Minister, the City and Civil police have intensified their efforts to eradicate illegal activities from the grassroots level. With the assistance of the Dog Squad, they are meticulously inspecting every vehicle to ensure compliance with the law.

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This collaborative effort comes as a response to concerns raised regarding the prevalence of illegal activities in the region. By coordinating their actions, both police forces aim to create a safer environment for the citizens and discourage any unlawful practices.

The initiative reflects a proactive approach from the authorities to address the challenges posed by illicit activitivity.


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