Police Seize 13 Tonnes of Illegal Beef En Route to Maharashtra from Odisha near vizag

Honey Gupta
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Payakaraopeta, Anakapalle District, Andhra Pradesh

In a major crackdown on illegal meat transportation, the Payakaraopeta police intercepted a container van carrying approximately 13 tonnes of beef headed for Maharashtra from Odisha. The meat, stored in ice within the container, was seized by vigilant authorities determined to curb the illicit trade.

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Police sources indicate that the investigation is being pursued comprehensively to unravel all aspects of the illegal activity. The seizure was promptly confirmed by veterinary officials who identified the meat as beef. Subsequently, a case has been registered under the Cow Slaughter Act-2017, addressing charges related to the smuggling of banned beef, among other violations.

Authorities are now actively engaged in efforts to identify the owner and driver of the van, emphasizing the commitment to bringing those responsible to justice. The illegal transportation of beef raises concerns not only about the violation of laws but also about the potential health risks associated with unregulated meat trade.

This incident follows a recent crackdown by Srikakulam police, where two individuals were arrested for the illegal transportation of cattle. The intensified efforts by law enforcement underscore the importance of curbing illicit activities that compromise public safety and adhere to stringent regulations governing the transportation and trade of meat products.

Local residents and authorities alike have praised the police for their swift action in preventing the illegal shipment from reaching its destination. The authorities have assured the public that they will remain vigilant and continue to take stringent measures to combat any attempts at violating laws related to the transportation and trade of meat.

As the investigation progresses, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the network behind the illegal trade and its potential ramifications. Authorities have urged the public to report any suspicious activities related to illegal meat trade, emphasizing the collaborative role that community members can play in maintaining the integrity of regulations and public safety.

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