Priyanka Chopra posts the ‘first Rangoli’ on Maltie Marie

Sonali Saha
1 Min Read

Priyanka Chopra often shares pictures with her daughter, Maltie Marie. Today, on Diwali, she posted a photo of Maltie’s beautiful rangoli on her Instagram stories, calling it the “First Rangoli.” She also extended Diwali wishes to her followers with a picture of decorated diyas and a heartfelt quote.

In a recent Instagram video, Priyanka shared moments from a farm visit with Maltie and her uncle, Franklin Jonas. The video shows them enjoying farm life, with Priyanka playing with a goat and Maltie observing the animals. Priyanka expressed her gratitude for the experience at the farm.

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In another Instagram post, Priyanka shared photos of her and Maltie venturing out to see the Supermoon in August. The pictures, taken outside their London home, capture the mother-daughter duo looking at the night sky. Priyanka wore a white tracksuit, and Maltie was warmly dressed in a peach-colored winter sweatshirt. The caption reads, “Looking for the Super Moon.”

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