Promising News from Visakhapatnam: 23% Less Road Accidents, 54% Fewer Deaths

Honey Gupta
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In a positive development, Visakhapatnam has seen a significant decrease in road accidents, as reported by the City Police Commissioner, A Ravi Shankar IPS. Thanks to effective measures taken by the authorities, both the number of accidents and the fatalities have gone down over the past year.

When we compare the data from January to August this year with the same period last year, we can see a clear improvement. Last year, there were 996 road accidents during this time, but this year, that number has reduced to 767. Even more importantly, the number of people who lost their lives in these accidents has decreased by 54%. This year, there were 147 fatalities, whereas last year, during the same time frame, there were 303 deaths.

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The authorities have been working hard to make the roads safer. They have put rumble strips at 99 major junctions, including on the Bus Rapid Transit System road. They have also added important signs and markings at key places. To support these safety efforts, around Rs 21 crore has been set aside for security measures in Visakhapatnam to prevent road accidents. An additional Rs 7 crore is also available for future safety plans.

Commissioner A Ravi Shankar stressed the need to keep raising awareness about road safety, especially among students in schools and colleges. He asked NGOs, CII, and other organizations to join hands with the police department in this important mission. He recognized that it’s a shared responsibility to prevent road accidents and the pain they bring to affected families.

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