Pulsus Group Drives Change for North Andhra Farmers on Farmers Day

Sonali Saha
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Srikakulam: On the occasion of National Farmers Day, the Pulsus Group, under the visionary leadership of CEO Gedela Srinubabu, orchestrated a groundbreaking event in Srikakulam, underscoring a transformative journey for North Andhra’s agricultural landscape.

With a relentless commitment to steer the region’s economy towards prosperity, the event focused on catalyzing employment generation, reshaping the economic contours, and fostering sustainable growth. CEO Gedela Srinubabu, in his keynote address, outlined a pivotal shift urging local farmers to venture into cultivating commercial crops. He stressed the importance of equipping the younger generation with digital marketing and AI skills to enable them to market produce across national online platforms effectively.

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“Empowering our farmers and their progeny with the tools of tomorrow is crucial to not only revitalize the agricultural sector but also to ensure its integration into the global marketplace,” emphasized Gedela Srinubabu.

One of the prominent announcements during the event was the proposal for establishing a European Business Technology Centre. This initiative aims to imbibe European farming techniques and facilitate the export of agricultural goods. In a collaborative effort involving a local university, a research center, and an organization, this center envisages a gateway for Andhra Pradesh farmers to augment their agricultural practices through technology transfer.

The Pulsus Group reported the enthusiastic participation of more than 50,000 farmers and their children in this pioneering event, indicative of the collective determination to embrace innovation and modernization in agriculture. Similar efforts were echoed in Rajam, further amplifying the momentum for agricultural metamorphosis in the region.

The event’s overarching objective was to encourage commercial crop cultivation and forge pathways for technological advancement in farming practices, ensuring increased productivity and access to wider markets.

The Pulsus Group’s initiatives underscore a promising trajectory for North Andhra’s agricultural landscape, heralding a future where innovation converges with tradition, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for the farming community.

This momentous occasion marks a pivotal step towards revitalizing North Andhra’s economy, offering hope and opportunities for a thriving rural future.

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