Ranveer Singh Set to Portray ‘Dev’ in Brahmastra 2, Playing Ranbir Kapoor’s Father

Sonali Saha
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Ranveer Singh Set to Portray ‘Dev’ in Brahmastra 2, Playing Ranbir Kapoor’s Father

As the much-anticipated sequel to Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Brahmastra’ gears up for production, exciting casting developments have emerged. Reports suggest that acclaimed actor Ranveer Singh has been officially confirmed to step into the pivotal role of ‘Dev’ in the upcoming installment of the mystical saga.

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According to a News18 report, Ranveer Singh has inked the contract to portray ‘Dev,’ a character intricately woven into the storyline as the father of Ranbir Kapoor’s character. In the initial film released in 2022, ‘Dev’ was unveiled as an enigmatic figure closely linked to the narrative’s mystical elements.

The casting announcement unveils a promising addition to the ensemble, indicating a significant expansion of the Brahmastra universe. Notably, the film marks Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor sharing the screen in a unique dynamic, portraying a father-son relationship, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative depth.

Moreover, actress Deepika Padukone has been slated to play the character ‘Amrita,’ who embodies the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s character’s mother in the storyline. Her inclusion further bolsters the star-studded lineup and amplifies anticipation among fans for the film’s release.

‘Brahmastra 2’ is set to continue the mystical journey initiated in its predecessor, promising audiences a captivating blend of fantasy, mythology, and gripping storytelling. With Ayan Mukerji at the helm and a stellar cast coming together, expectations are soaring for this cinematic extravaganza.

The confirmation of Ranveer Singh’s involvement adds another layer of excitement and anticipation, hinting at an engaging cinematic experience awaiting Bollywood enthusiasts. As filming progresses and further details unfold, the eagerness surrounding ‘Brahmastra 2’ continues to escalate, setting the stage for a thrilling cinematic spectacle.

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