Reasons why users should refrain from downloading APK files on Android devices

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

A recent cybercrime operation called “SecuriDropper” has been discovered. It finds a way to get around the security feature called “Restricted Settings” in Android devices. This operation installs harmful software and gains access to Accessibility Services.

This method is still effective in the latest Android version, Android 14. The cybercriminals use a tricky technique involving different files to install the harmful software in stages. They pretend to be legitimate apps, like Google apps or security apps, to trick users into downloading the malware.

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Once the malware gets into the device, it can misuse certain settings to capture what’s on the screen, get more permissions, and even control the device from a distance. It can also steal one-time passwords by misusing the Notification Listener.

The “Restricted Settings” feature, introduced in Android 13, was supposed to prevent this kind of access for apps that aren’t from the official app store. But this cybercrime operation found a way to get around these security measures.

The cybercriminals use something called “Android Dropper-as-a-Service” to dodge security systems when downloading the malware. This helps the harmful software get access to settings and permissions it shouldn’t have.

To protect against these attacks, Android users should be careful where they download apps from. Stick to known and trusted sources. Also, regularly check and adjust the permissions given to the apps on your device in the settings to avoid potential risks.

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